Hey everyone, let me introduce myself and summarize my thoughts about this blog and how I see it evolving.

My name is Ioannis Moustakis and I am currently working at Amazon Web Services(AWS), as Solutions Architect, in Belgium. In the past, I have worked as a DevOps & Site Reliability Engineer at various startups.

If you want to learn more about me or get in contact check the LinkedIn, Github, email buttons on the header of the page.

I’ll be periodically selecting a subject, tool, programming language, framework or something else that I find interesting, engage with it, and write a short article.

Each post could be a series of articles or could also be a short single page of something that I tried. Sometimes the articles might involve hands-on sessions or tutorials and other times they might be more theoretical.

My main interests revolving around DevOps, Software Development Lifecycle, Cloud Architecture, Operations, Networking, Monitoring, Linux among others so you get a general idea about the topics you can read here.

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May the devops madness begin, burn your infrastructure, burn them all!